Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you even allowed to sell an Australian domain name?
Yes. Since 1 June 2008 a domain name licence can be transferred “to another eligible entity, for any reason.”
Please refer to the official Australian Transfers (Change of Registrant) Policy; or view a user-friendly PDF titled “SELLING .au DOMAIN NAMES,” which is also published by .au Domain Administration Limited.


2. Am I eligible to buy an Australian domain name?
If you have a current ABN, ACN or Australian trade mark you are most likely eligible.
Please refer to the official Australian Domain Name Eligibility Policy.


3. Is GST included in listed prices and offers?
Yes and all Buyers are issued with a GST (tax) invoice.


4. How long does it take to complete the domain transfer (Change of Registrant)?
Please budget one to two business days until you will gain full control and official ownership of your new domain.


5. What forms of payment are accepted?
Direct deposit (EFT) is preferred. All common methods are accepted.


6. Can we complete the transaction through an escrow agent?
Yes. Our preferred escrow agent is and will pay half the fee.’s process for domain name transactions is explained here.


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