Steps to Transferring an Australian Domain Name

Domain transfers (Change of Registrants) generally take two days to complete.


Our preferred registrars to complete the process are and


Both companies are Australian, and auDA accredited domain name registrars.


The process is paperless and completed entirely online and basically consists of a few mouse clicks.


The Steps

1. A Buyer and agree on a sale price.


2. The Buyer confirms their details and issues a tax invoice.


3. The Buyer is required to pay the invoice either directly to or to a 3rd party escrow agent.


4. selects the domain for transfer (Change of Registrant) and nominates a Buyer (by providing either Drop or Netfleet with the Buyer’s email address)


5. The selected Registrar will email the Buyer.


6. The Buyer is now required to click the link in the email to confirm the transfer (Change of Registrant) and either sign up or log in to the Registrar.


7. Once the Buyer is established as a user of the Registrar, the Registrar will email with transfer (Change of Registrant) terms and conditions.


8. is required to click the link in the email to authorise the domain name transfer (Change of Regisrant).


9. The Registrar will produce an invoice for for the transfer (Change of Registrant) fee, and will pay the invoice.


10. The Registrar will detect that the invoice is paid and finalise the transfer (Change of Registrant).


11. The Buyer can now manage the domain in their account or transfer it to another auDA accredited registrar, free of charge.